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Current Employee Checking Services

Employee checks are designed to minimise the risk to your business and brand. They’re a crucial step in the recruitment process, reducing the risk of employees who might cause difficulties for the organisation, its employees, customers and suppliers. For this reason, employers need to exercise due diligence in all cases, conducting employee checks in a legal, ethical manner that consistently values fact over opinion.
Our new screening service is designed to assess a candidate’s social media profile over a 2, 3 or 5 year period by performing an in-depth analysis of social media platforms for evidence of adverse or unacceptable online behaviour that may present a risk to a prospective employer’s brand.
This service is performed by intelligence analysts with law enforcement backgrounds who have experience of covert investigation techniques in serious and major crimes. The service is discrete, ethical, complies with all data protection regulations and only looks at open source material.


The Social Media Report complements traditional pre-employment and employment screening by highlighting if an individual’s social media activities are:
• potentially brand and reputation damaging
• a validation of career history on a CV
• showcasing undesirable characteristics
• encouraging illegal activities
• breaching company policy
• leaking or likely to leak company confidential information
• likely to have an impact on client relations

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