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Information Security and Cyber Security


Working predominantly with the Law enforcement sector, we are uniquely placed to assist both public and private sector business attract the best Cyber and Information security specialists for your organisation.
From targeted, discreet and confidential search campaigns, through to direct strategies for the attraction, selection and future retention of skilled personnel, Secure Recruitment provides a complete range of solutions specific to our client’s key needs.
Our Information security and Cyber professionals are available to hire for contract, ad hoc or permanent jobs in the UK and internationally. We attract specific exceptional talent in Cyber Security / Information Security for our clients.
All our members are expertly vetted by top professionals working in the same field, for their experience, technical skills, and communication.
Clients rely on Peel to provide the very best Information security and Cyber talent for jobs, while also reducing their hiring and onboarding time.
We specialise in:
• Security analysts
• Security engineers
• Security architects
• Security administrators
• Cyber security operations analysts
• Information security managers / directors
• Security software developers
• Cryptographers
• Cryptanalysts
• Security consultants
• Application security administrators
• Artificial intelligence security specialists
• Blockchain developers / engineers
• Blue team members
• Bug bounty hunters
• Chief information security officers (CISO)
• Chief security officers (CSO)
• Cloud security architects
• Counterespionage analysts
• Cryptanalysts
• Cryptographers
• Cyber insurance policy specialists
• Cyber intelligence specialists
• Cyber operations specialists
• Cybersecurity hardware engineers
• Cybersecurity software developers / engineers
• Data privacy officers
• Data recovery specialists
• Data security analysts
• Digital forensics analysts
• Disaster recovery specialists

Contact us for more information on 01925 377 878 or email