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Chris Davies

Head of Investigation Skills

Chris Davies is the head of investigative skills training at Peel Solutions.


Chris was a Cheshire Detective for over 30 years who worked on a variety of serious and complex investigations during his career. These included the terrorist attacks on Warrington in 1993 and the investigation into child abuse at North West children’s homes. Chris is a highly-commended ex police officer who built up a reputation within the force for his meticulous approach to investigations and his attention to detail.


He became the single point of contact for all ‘CPIA’ issues within the county, and wrote the guidance manual for the force in relation to all aspects of investigative disclosure. Chris sat on national disclosure working groups and was part of the team that reviewed the disclosure elements of the Hillsborough enquiry.


At the conclusion of his operational service Chris became a Criminal Justice change manager working closely with CPS and the Courts Services. He took the skills he had learnt from over 32 years’ service and, after retirement from the force, became a crime trainer. He was responsible for introducing training programmes which became recognised by HMIC as being national best practice.

His unique approach to training, both in content and delivery, was universally supported and recognised by his students.


Chris has a BA honours degree in the education of criminal justice and criminal investigations.


Chris delivers a wide variety of investigative skills training modules. These range from two or three day courses covering a ‘cradle to grave’ approach to investigations to half day courses on more bespoke investigative elements. These courses all ensure that the recipient understands the basics of the process before progressing onto the more complex issues. He makes no excuse for reinforcing the importance of CPIA (disclosure) during his training and has the ability to simplify the disclosure process and provide students with the confidence to deal with this often ‘neglected’ aspect of an investigation. Chris encourages participation to achieve his learning outcomes and uses his vast experience of investigations and the court processes to highlight the teaching he provides. Chris ensures that his students can grasp even the most complex areas by utilising a number of acronyms and mnemonics and supports the learning with practical exercises and handouts. The content of the courses that Chris delivers will benefit all investigators who play a part in the prosecution of offenders, whether they be front line investigators, support staff or those who supervise or manage these investigators.


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