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Modern Slavery training:

First Responders

Duration: A full day training course

Modern Slavery act training is important for employees in a range of roles and organisations but the significance of adequate training for first responders has never been greater. Those working in the emergency services, the NHS and local authorities are often the individuals who first spot the signs and are responsible for making a referral.

Course background

To put this into context, in 2015 3,266 potential victims of Modern Slavery were identified in the UK and referred to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) for support. This represents a 40% increase from 2014. Three quarters of all these referrals originated from a first contact to the NHS. This highlights just how important Modern Slavery training is for staff in the NHS and emergency services as well as those working for local authorities and charities.

Our Modern Slavery courses are run by experts with extensive experience in the field including our Head of Investigations Chris Davies an ex-police trainer and one of the country’s leading experts in the field. Our courses are also the only Modern Slavery courses to have been awarded CPD accreditation.

Who is it for?

Any person from an organisation who has been designated as a first responders, including individuals who may come into contact with a victim or offender of Modern Slavery during their work. This course is applicable to both front line staff and management as well as those who have a responsibility for influencing policy and procedures within their organisation.

It aims: to provide those, who have been designated as first responders, with the knowledge and understanding they will require to carry out their responsibilities effectively and to be confident of using and understanding the National Referral Mechanism.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the current situation in the UK and be aware of the changes to the law.
  • To understand what Modern Slavery is and to recognise the signs and behaviours.
  • To understand the obligations placed upon first responders and the notifications required.
  • To identify what to do, who to tell, what to record and how to complete the referral forms.
  • To identify the Support Services and what they can offer.
  • To be provided with an overview of the responsibilities placed upon partner agencies and the processes involved.
  • To understand the basics of disclosure and the part this plays in the process.

Course bookings

To register a place/s on our next course date or to arrange training specifically for your organisation at a time and location to suit, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange.

If you or your staff require more in-depth or specialist training then take a look at our other courses in this area.


“I now have an understanding of what Modern Slavery & human trafficking is. How to detect it, report it and what is needed in the statement.”

A recent participant on the Understanding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: Commercial Organisations Course