Comprehensive Support for Protecting Vulnerable Individuals

Strengthen Your Safeguarding Efforts with Our Expert Services

Tailored Solutions for Effective Safeguarding Practices Leveraging Our Core Services

Peel Solutions offers a dedicated safeguarding specialism to support police forces in protecting vulnerable individuals and communities. By combining our core services (Peel Teams, Peel Projects, Peel Consultancy, and Peel Training), we provide comprehensive solutions that ensure effective safeguarding practices, enabling your force to enhance public safety and build community trust.

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Features and Benefits

Expert Safeguarding Support and Best Practices
Our experienced consultants provide strategic advice, guidance, and best practices for safeguarding vulnerable individuals, ensuring your force implements effective measures to protect those at risk.
Specialised Training and Development
Our tailored safeguarding training programs empower your personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in protecting vulnerable individuals and communities.
Dedicated Safeguarding Teams
Our specialised safeguarding teams provide direct support in the field, ensuring your force has access to the resources and expertise required to address complex safeguarding challenges.
Effective Project Management
Our project managers and policing experts oversee and manage safeguarding initiatives, ensuring your force achieves its goals and objectives for protecting vulnerable individuals.

Why Choose Peel Solutions?

Expertise in Safeguarding

Our team's extensive experience and knowledge in safeguarding ensure you receive the highest quality support for your force.

Dedicated Specialism

Our focus on safeguarding as a specialism allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices, providing your force with cutting-edge support.

Seamless Integration with Core Services

Our safeguarding specialism is designed to integrate seamlessly with our core services, offering a comprehensive and cohesive solution for your force.