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Efficient Management, Retrieval, and Meticulous Analysis of Video Evidence Leveraging Our Core Services

Peel Solutions offers a dedicated video evidence specialism to support police forces in utilising video evidence effectively in their investigations. By combining our core services (Peel Teams, Peel Projects, Peel Consultancy, and Peel Training), we provide a comprehensive solution that ensures efficient video evidence management, retrieval, and meticulous analysis, enabling your force to build more robust cases and enhance public safety.

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Features and Benefits

Efficient Video Evidence Management and Retrieval
Our dedicated video evidence retrieval teams are skilled in handling and retrieving video evidence from various sources, including CCTV, dash cams, door cameras, and mobile phone footage, ensuring your force has access to crucial evidence promptly.
Meticulous Video Evidence Analysis
Our expert consultants meticulously analyse video evidence, including officer body-worn cameras and other sources, to identify key evidence that can strengthen your cases and support successful outcomes.
Comprehensive Video Evidence Support
By leveraging our core services, we provide end-to-end support for video evidence management, from retrieval and analysis to training and development, ensuring your force maximises the value of video evidence in investigations.
Customised Solutions
We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each case, ensuring the most effective and efficient outcomes.

Why Choose Peel Solutions?

Expertise in Video Evidence Management and Retrieval

Our team's extensive experience and knowledge in handling and retrieving video evidence ensure that you receive the highest quality support for your investigations.

Dedicated Specialism

Our focus on video evidence as a specialism allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices, providing your force with cutting-edge support.

Seamless Integration with Core Services

Our video evidence specialism is designed to integrate seamlessly with our core services, offering a comprehensive and cohesive solution for your force.