Recruitment is what we do but it hasn’t always been. What sets us apart from the rest? Knowledge! We know the sectors that we’re recruiting into.


Health and Social Care recruiters are plenty, but how many do you know with 17 years’ experience in the industry? That is why we’re different here at Peel. We understand what it’s like to work in these roles, and we understand what makes a good candidate for each role. Jodie Stott, our Head of Health and Social Care has written an introduction to her career to give you an insight into how well she knows this sector.

Read Jodie’s Story below:

“I spent 17 years working in Healthcare. I started at 19 on a 3-month contract in Medical Records, this is where I developed my passion of helping others.

I used to ask myself “How am I going to achieve my need to help others working in Medical records?” I began to set myself goals and find ways to support service delivery without being medically trained. I was determined and motivated.

My contract was extended and in 2008 I was leading service redesign to improve patient experiences and even set up many new services. Things were great.

Before I knew it, I was running 15 General Surgery Services across 5 sites, covering rotas for 9 clinical consultants and in excess 35 junior doctors.

With experience and time, I had moved into a senior level within the department that came with more management responsibilities. As I spent more and more time in this role, I became increasingly frustrated at the inefficiencies that exist in healthcare today.

I started to question how we could make services run better and my brain was doing overtime. I could see so many ways. I would get so frustrated with recruitment agencies when professionals didn’t turn up and how this was affecting all the services. Why was this happening?

In 2010 I started talking to agencies to find out what the real issues were and if we could work together to make this better. My biggest frustration was our patients were not getting the care they needed.

When 2014 came around, I was given the opportunity to work for Medical Recruitment Agency where I successfully learned the world of recruitment through the eyes of an ex-public service worker and transfer my past knowledge into successful working relationships.

After three years I felt it was time to spread my wings and further my passion for Health and Social Care. I now find myself running my own Health and Social Care Division, and I’m so proud to be part of Peel Recruitment and Training Solutions. I take pride in the fact that my department is supportive of improving our NHS and Health and Social Care Services.

I am so excited to see what the future will hold.

I’m sharing my story with you in the hope that it inspires others to be passionate about what the future holds for them.

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