Leicestershire Police are looking for ARV (Armed Response Vehicle) Transferess. Read their requirements and how to apply below:

At Leicestershire Police, we pride ourselves on recognising people with real potential. It’s the reason we offer our officers so much support, motivation and training; because as they improve, so will our force.

Once you apply to transfer, you’ll find that we can help you realise your ambitions and develop your career. In the process, you’ll have the opportunity to raise your profile and take on serious policing challenges. More than that, you’ll do it in a unique and picturesque setting that balances busy urban centres with rural villages. The people are equally varied and represent a diverse range of ethnic cultural and economic backgrounds.

We are currently recruiting for existing authorised firearms officers, trained to meet the Armed Response Vehicle Constable role profile, to transfer to Leicestershire.

You will based at Leicestershire Force Headquarters as part of the East Midlands Operational Support Service and whilst primarily deployed within Leicestershire, you will also be expected to deploy in both Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire, supporting colleagues in your specialist field when required, as well as providing armed policing at East Midlands Airport.

If you have an excellent attendance record, are high performing and are looking for a new challenge then we could be the place for you. You must be both occupationally and operationally competent in the role, prior to application.

Leicestershire Police is committed to improving the diversity of its workforce to better reflect the communities we serve. We welcome applications from all minority groups and individuals who identify with one or more of the protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010. All appointments will be made on merit.

Successful candidates will embody our purpose and values.

Applicants must have:

substantive in the rank of Constable
serving with a Home Office Force
operationally and occupationally competent to National ARV role profile
be able to pass the JRFT to level 9-4 on application
be able to evidence occupational and operational competence at interview
be able to pass the necessary vetting and occupational health checks
have no outstanding discipline or integrity issues
Pay and benefits

As an ARV Transferee, you will retain your continuous service and current level of pay (excluding Force specific benefits i.e London Weighting).

You’ll also retain your annual leave entitlement, as long as there is no break in service. You will remain on your current pension arrangements.

We give people the support they need to make a positive contribution to our services. For all the benefits you’ll receive as part of Leicestershire Police.

Recruitment Process

Stage 1: You will need to provide evidence of why you wish to transfer to Leicestershire Police and what challenges do you think you will encounter.

Stage 2: Interview – this will be with two senior officers who will be assessing you against the Competency and Values Framework, and also your commitment to Leicestershire Police and the challenges that we face as both a county, and as part of the tri force EMOpSS collaboration with Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.

Stage 3: Pre–employment checks – If you are successful at the interview you will be invited in for a medical and fitness test. If you pass both the medical and fitness test we will also carry out vetting checks and contact your current force HR department and line manager for employment references.

Stage 4: Final Offer – If all of the above checks are met satisfactorily, we will write to you offering you a position with Leicestershire Police.

Please do not serve your notice to your current force until you have received your final offer letter in writing.

You can read more and apply HERE.

If you have any questions regarding any stage of the process, please contact HRR@Derbyshire.PNN.Police.UK