Bad hires – and how to avoid them to protect your business

A lot of time, money and effort goes into a new hire. It can be a stressful time for all involved. The process can be long and draw out all the way from Sifting through CVs to interviewing and onboarding.

What is a ‘Bad hire’?

Put simply a bad hire is somebody who doesn’t fit the company and will either leave or have to be let go. This results in spending more money, wasting more time and more work for everyone. Take a look at these 6 simple ways to help reduce the chances of a ‘bad hire’.

Don’t rush the process

We know you want a new employee, and you want them now. However, if you rush the process you may end up settling and then you could have to run through the whole process again to replace this hire.

Don’t ignore the red flags

Get a bad feeling during the interview process? Late to the interview? Rearranged the interview several times? Speak to the candidate first and see if there’s a valid reason, if not don’t ignore the red flag. You could be dealing with the same ‘issues’ whilst they’re working for you.

Be honest about your expectations

It’s not only the candidate that needs to be honest from the start, you do too! Set out clear expectations that you expect the candidate to meet. A job interview is not only for you to decide whether they are right for the job but for them to decide if the job is right for them. Being honest from the start will rule out those who can’t meet your expectations.

Have a good onboarding strategy

Did you know that the first 90 days are critical for onboarding a new employee? It’s important to welcome them into the team correctly to give them the best chance of settling in. A candidate that feels valued is more likely to give the role 100%. Remote hires are no exception for good onboarding

Be flexible where possible

Look through your job spec and ask yourself “are there any skills that I could train our new hire in? “ If so it widens the candidate net and you may find the perfect person who you can mould into what you’re looking for.

Test for job skills

If you are unsure about someones skills it could be wise to set them a task and see their skills in action. Be sure to pay them if it’s something that benefits your company.

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