Health and Social Care recruiters are plenty but how many do you know that put maximum focus and care into every candidate? Here at Peel Solutions, we would find it difficult not to care. We find careers for people and we love to watch them grow within these roles. It’s not just a numbers game for us, we match the perfect candidates to the perfect role otherwise what’s the point? Here’s some of the key benefits of using our agency to get your next role…

Regular payments are great! With Peel Solutions you will get paid every week without fail, on a Friday. We understand the affects that problems with pay have on your everyday life, so we make it a priority to make sure it’s on time and correct. To do this we need to work together as a team with you. You need to make sure your timesheet is correct and sent to us every Monday otherwise we won’t know how much we need to pay you. Other than this, you can leave this part to us. You do your job and we’ll make sure we do ours too!

Whilst talking about money we must address the myth that agencies decrease your pay to pocket more money for themselves, this is certainly NOT true! All pay rates are set for us by the client and this is the rate that we offer to you. You will get a choice of two pay rates on most vacancies. You will choose between PAYE where your holidays will be accrued through the year as normal and you will book your holidays to ensure you’re paid for time off. The other option is the umbrella rate where your holiday pay is added straight on top of your hourly PAYE rate, but you will not be paid for any holidays taken throughout the year as you have already been paid it. This is completely your choice and has no effect on your employment.
If you’re looking for a role in a Local Authority, most of these are 3-month contracts. This can be very off-putting when you’re looking for a new job as we understand everybody wants stability at work, however most Local Authorities are likely to extend their contracts if you are happy to do so too. This is not something that we can guarantee but most of our candidates in these positions have been extended to continue to work further. The 3-month contracts are bought into place to allow for budget and situational changes in the council. All temporary contracts are reviewed regularly throughout the duration of the contract between the candidate, the Local Authority and Peel Solutions.

Want to continue your professional development? You can still gain vital skills whilst working through Peel Solutions. The training that is offered to permanent members of social care teams can still be offered to you if it is seen to be needed/beneficial to your role. This is a fantastic way for you to add new skills and experience to your CV as many of our past/present candidates have done. Who doesn’t want to improve their current skills?

Being with Peel Solutions will not stop your career from progressing! We want to help you progress. One of our candidates started work with us at a Local Authority as a support worker, after completing her Degree in Social Work. Her overall aspiration was to become a Social Worker. After 3 months our candidate was offered a permanent position with the same Local Authority as a Social Worker. The experience this candidate built up as a support worker was vital to the Social Work role. We always love to see our candidates’ careers flourish whether it’s with us or if we are just the stepping stone to the next career level (in this case experience needed to gain a position).

We often get a lot of bespoke opportunities. The opportunities that local authorities or other clients may find difficult to fill. This is fantastic for the candidates that are looking for something a bit different to your regular social work roles. If you have certain skills that you would like to focus on, let us know and we’ll do our best to find you a role doing what you love.

If you have checked out our current vacancies and are not seeing the roles/locations that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01925 377 878. We may have something in mind that is perfect for your skill set. The beauty of working with the team here at Peel Solutions is that we make sure your experience is personal and efficient from the moment you send your CV to us. We will not leave you in the dark about roles that you have applied for and we will not fill you with false hope. If you are not suited to a role we will tell you but we will also give you alternative options that will help put your key skills to use. Let us help you take the next step in your journey today. Call Sammi on 01925 377 878 or submit your CV here.