Investigation skills can be valuable in a wide range of roles. Our investigation skills training course has been developed by Chris Davies, an experienced former police detective with more than three decades’ experience as an investigator at the highest level.

investigation skills training

With vast experience of not just working as an investigator, but also of delivering training and developing training programmes for bodies such as the College of Policing, Chris is a leader in the field. As well as having developed the course content, Chris delivers the training on many of our investigative skills courses and is always ready to share his experiences and knowledge with attendees. His hands-on approach and use of anecdotes and examples, drawn from his experiences and real-life scenarios, ensure that his courses are always captivating and thought-provoking.

The course is popular with serving police officers but it also appeals to other audiences too. The course covers a range of skills and techniques which could be beneficial in different roles and many attendees aren’t members of the police force, but have jobs which involve law enforcement or investigating in other settings.

The skills and techniques taught are transferable and will help anyone working in a role which involves prosecutions, gathering and recording evidence or investigating in a non-criminal setting too.

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