As recruiters for important and sensitive roles, it’s crucial for us to have a deep understanding of the required skills and experience.

We’re currently recruiting for vital CSE investigator positions in Lancashire and Manchester, and refreshing our knowledge of the necessary qualifications for these complex vacancies is the first step towards finding the right candidates.

CSE is a complex crime, and without a doubt officers need to have specialised training and knowledge to handle these cases effectively.
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) investigation experience is vital when investigating this type of crime.

Here are some reasons why CSE investigation experience is crucial:

  • Understanding of the nature of the crime: CSE is a form of child abuse that involves grooming, manipulation, and exploitation of vulnerable children for sexual purposes. Police officers with CSE investigation experience can better understand the nature of the crime, recognise the signs of abuse, and identify the perpetrators.
  • Ability to collect and analyse evidence: CSE investigations require the collection and analysis of digital evidence, such as social media messages and online communications. Police officers with CSE investigation experience are trained to handle digital evidence and can analyse it effectively to build strong cases against the perpetrators.
  • Victim-focused approach: CSE investigations require a victim-focused approach, where the welfare and safety of the victim are paramount. Police officers with CSE investigation experience are trained to communicate effectively with victims and can provide the necessary support and care during the investigation.
  • Multi-agency collaboration: CSE investigations often require collaboration between different agencies, including social services, healthcare professionals, and charities. Police officers with CSE investigation experience have a good understanding of these agencies’ roles and can coordinate multi-agency investigations effectively.
  • Prevention and disruption: Police officers with CSE investigation experience can work proactively to prevent and disrupt CSE. This includes identifying high-risk individuals and locations, monitoring online activities, and working with other agencies to address the underlying causes of CSE.

Police officers with CSE investigation experience are better equipped to investigate these crimes and provide support to victims. Their expertise is crucial in protecting vulnerable children and bringing perpetrators to justice.

If you believe you have the skills and experience and would like more information on the vacancies please contact Lucia on 07425757587 or email