County Lines is where criminal gangs persuade vulnerable people and children to transport illegal drugs on their behalf. With children as young as 7 being exploited.

County line networks are having a massive impact on rural communities. Vulnerable children and adults are being recruited to transport cash and drugs all over the country.
This keeps the criminals behind it detached from the act and less likely to be caught.

Here are some of the most common signs to look out for in children:

County lines spot the signs image

  • Leaving home with no explanation
  • Missing from school or in places they wouldn’t usually visit.
  • Unexplained injuries/self-harm.
  • Suddenly have new clothes, money, mobile phones etc.
  • Receiving an excess amount of phone calls or texts.
  • Gang associations.
  • New friendships with older, controlling people.
  • School grades suffering.
  • Change in emotional well-being.
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