During the pandemic telephone interviews have become more the norm than ever before. In this article we will be looking at 8 tips to help you with the dreaded telephone interview. We will let you in on some ways to help you when preparing for an interview.

Telephone interviews – Why do hiring managers choose them?

Telephone interviews are a great way to save both you and the hiring manager time. For the telephone interview you don’t have to leave your home and you can both see if the role would be suitable for you.

You save the effort of: formal dressing, travel, and any inconveniences that can occur with a face to face interview. Phone interviews are a way of reducing the amount of people you come into contact with during the pandemic too.

Plan, plan, plan

Being prepared for any interview whether it be over the phone, in person or via video call is essential. Doing your research on the company will tell you if the company is one you would like to work for.
Showing the employer you have researched will tell them that you are serious about the role too. Visit the company website, their social media pages and the re read the job description. Write down any questions you have about the role so you’re not thinking of them on the spot.

Write down interview question prompts

It can feel more difficult for some people to interview over the phone, as you can’t read a person the same or see their facial expressions. Think about (or research) some of the questions the hiring manager is likely to ask and write down some prompts just in case you freeze. Alternatively, you could write down your answers (not word for word – that would be too ‘scripted’). You could then practice your interview answers beforehand. Phone interview questions are usually a way of seeing if you fit the company before a more in-depth face to face job interview or video interview.

Practice with a family member or friend

If you’ve never had a telephone interview before they can catch you off guard. It’s not as easy as it sounds but can be easier with practice. Have a family member or friend give you a call to practice how you would feel/act in a telephone interview. It will help to put you at ease for the real thing.

Try to clear any distractions

During the pandemic employers are accepting of personal situations e.g. childcare issues. Explain any situations to the hiring manager. If there’s a chance they could hear children, let them know. Try to arrange alternative care/quiet spaces if possible as it will help you to concentrate more. Clear any distractions, this includes turning off the TV or radio. Don’t panic if something arises during the interview. We are all human. We understand that you are at home and your doorbell could ring at any point, be honest and calm.

Have a copy of your CV to hand

Be sure to have a copy of your CV in reach incase the hiring manager has any questions about it. It can be difficult to remember under pressure and having it written infront of you will always help. Its a good idea to have your work experience dates in front of you for reference.

Make sure you answer the phone yourself

If it is arranged that the interviewer call you. Try to make sure you answer the phone yourself. Use a greeting such as “hello [Name] speaking”. This shows that you are waiting for the call, that you remembered the interview, and it gives a good first impression.

Turn off phone notifications

Using a mobile phone? We’ve all heard the annoying beeping noise that you can get whilst on a phone call and have a call waiting. If possible turn off all notifications so you’re not distracted mid interview. Use a landline, this will eliminate any poor signal issues that can arise with a mobile phone.


Answer the phone with a positive attitude and SMILE. Your voice can change depending on your demeanor and this will set an impression of you. Your body language does translate into how your voice sounds so imagine they are infront of you still.

We hope that this checklist will help you with your pending telephone interview. If you would like more career advice find our other articles here. You can also call us on 01925 377 878 or email info@peelsolutions.co.uk where we can help you with the job search process from beginning to end. Wishing you the best of luck on your telephone interview and job search.