Image of quote of email sent to Andy

It has never been about figures for the Peel Solutions team, it has always been about helping such a valuable sector of our community gain the resources needed. Our passion is fuelled by one of our directors of Peel, Andy Smith’s loyalties to law enforcement after 25 years as Detective Superintendent for the MIT team at Cheshire Police. As a team, we have been honoured to witness Andy’s passion for justice and his love of the force over the years.

In 2003, Andy worked on a case that would stay with him for many years. Brian Waters was beaten to death and tortured Infront of his children at a remote farm in Cheshire. Three men were sentenced to life in prison, Christopher More went on the run, and the hunt for him never stopped. He became one of Britain’s most wanted fugitives.

This weekend we received the brilliant news that Christopher More has finally been brought to justice after 16 years on the run. Yesterday we received this email directed to Andy from one of his former colleagues and as a team we couldn’t be prouder.

I just wanted to say how delighted I was for you personally and professionally now that More has been arrested.

I know how hard you worked on this enquiry and watched over many years both within and outside the Force how you never gave up this pursuit and passion to get justice for the victim and loved ones.

Cheshire’s loss has been Peel’s gain and I wanted you (and indeed others to know) that you played a huge part in bringing More to Justice and your friends and colleagues like I should be greatly proud of you. Well done!”

This was the news that Andy has been waiting for! He said: “It’s difficult to express how happy I am after hunting this man for so many years. Thanks to NCA for their efforts.”