Andy Orriell is our Head of Cyber and Intelligence Skills and as you might imagine from his job title, Andy has had a fascinating career. He spent 18 years in the police working in the field of intelligence and analysis.

When you speak to him about the work he has done you start to get a feel for the sheer depth of his experience. His work sounds more like the plot line for the next big TV crime drama than real life and yet he is down to earth and matter of fact about every aspect of his successful career.

His work in the police included time spent with the Drugs Squad, National Crime Squad, and Cheshire’s Serious Crime Unit. He also spent time working for SOCA, the Serious Organised Crime Agency. He has been involved in investigating international drug trafficking rings, murders, kidnappings, counterfeit currency, international money laundering and other serious economic crimes. His work on major investigations has led to numerous commendations.

Since leaving the police, Andy has been involved in work in different parts of the world where the communities have been affected by internal or external conflict. His work on the ground has involved supporting local agencies and local police forces, helping to bring about stability and prevent further conflict. He does this by sharing his skills and supporting them to move to a more intelligence-led approach.

His experience, knowledge and people skills combine to make Andy an outstanding speaker and trainer. Andy has delivered training for the College of Policing and has also been responsible for designing, developing and implementing some of the most important training programmes offered by the College of Policing including the Communications Data Analysis and the Digital Media Investigators courses.

His expertise and knowledge are sought after and he has held seats on working groups such as the National Police Chiefs Council Data Communications Group as well as the National Analyst Working Group. He is often called upon to speak and has presented at national and international conferences on subjects such as cybercrime and intelligence. Andy was also part of the UK delegation which addressed the Council for the European Union in Brussels on the EU Data Retention Directive.

Andy developed the content for our range of cyber and intelligence courses. He also delivers the training on these courses and draws on his experiences with case studies and real-life examples.