Chris Davies is our Head of Investigative Skills. He joined Peel Solutions after a long and successful career in the police force working for the Cheshire Constabulary. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise in order to help improve standards in law enforcement in the UK.


Since leaving the force he has dedicated his time to developing course content and delivering practical training. His motivation behind developing Peel’s portfolio of investigative skills courses is to address the lack of relevant training that police officers receive specifically on investigative skills and processes.

He believes that in an ever changing world where crime is constantly evolving it has never been more important to equip our police officers with the skills and the confidence to become effective crime investigators.

Chris has more than three decade’s experience as an investigator and has been involved in numerous high-profile cases including the terrorist attacks on Warrington in 1993 and the investigation into child abuse at North West children’s homes.

During his time as a detective, he worked predominantly on serious and complex investigations as well as working on cold case reviews. Chris has an exceptional record and he received 14 official commendations for work he carried out during his time on the force. Whilst he was working for the Cheshire Constabulary he was the single point of contact for all criminal disclosure issues.

In addition to his extensive experience as a detective, Chris has also worked as a Criminal Justice change manager, this role involved working closely with the CPS and the Court Services giving him a thorough understanding of how the prosecution service works. He also holds a BA Honours degree in the education of criminal justice and criminal investigations giving him a rare combination of extensive practical experience coupled with academic knowledge.

Chris is a fully qualified crime trainer and specialises in delivering training to improve investigative skills and on CPIA disclosure. He has drawn on his experience to create training courses which have been recognised by HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) as national best practice.

The training he created for the College of Policing was instrumental in improving investigative training for serving police officers. He recognised that whilst many police officers were given extensive training in the law they often lacked skills and techniques in investigating.

He also believes that many police officers possess investigative skills which they have acquired through their work, however, the lack of formal training to consolidate what is learnt often leaves officers feeling they lack essential skills.

Through his practical training, Chris equips individuals with techniques which were derived from successful investigating. He shares his experiences and encourages participation. Attendees on his courses, whether they are serving police officers, retired police or individuals involved in any form of investigation or prosecution, leave feeling prepared and confident, ready to put what they’ve learnt into practice.