Are you looking for a critical thinking, problem solver with great communication skills and fantastic attention to detail? How does recruiting an ex-detective sound? It might not be somewhere you’ve previously thought of looking but we’re about to tell you all the reasons why you should seriously consider it.

Strong communication skills are a must for an Ex-detective. Reports are essential in the law enforcement sector. They need to be written and documented properly so not to risk the case being compromised. No detail can go unmissed and certainly no mistakes can be made. Interviewing Suspects, Witnesses, and victims is an inevitable part of the role and this needs to be done in a clear and precise manner. They must be a good listener and be sure to pick out any inconsistencies. To get everything they need for a case they need to understand what the interviewee is saying and be able to communicate effectively to get the information they need.

Should a case go to court, the detective may be called to the stand to communicate what they found during the investigation stage. This is where their attention to detail is questioned. They must ensure that they’ve not missed anything, and they completely understand all aspects of the case. It would also be required of them to present anything that they may deem important. It’s vital that they have paid attention to all aspects of the jobs otherwise they could compromise the case.

If you consider some of the cases that Ex detectives have had to deal with you will understand that critical thinking and problem solving come into play regularly. They can disconnect any personal opinions and prejudice from each case. When they are interviewing, they need to make sure they are analysing the facts they have in front of them and are not judging by past events or appearance.

Are you looking for somebody who knows their way around a computer? To work in the Law Enforcement sector, you need to keep up to date with current technology. Detectives use technology to search databases for relevant information to their case. Reports are written and submitted on a computer, so ex-detectives are computer literate and it’s important for them to keep this current.

On a personal level, patience and understanding are vital to the Law Enforcement sector. They must deal with all kinds of sensitive information and very vulnerable people. It’s always essential for them to treat everyone with the best understanding possible to get the results that you need for each individual case. Their knowledge of the current laws and regulations must be up to date, which reassures us that ex-detectives are good at holding and relaying information and following strict guidelines.

After all this said, we can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to hire an ex-detective, can you?
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