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Life after the Police


police man with text saying "Life after the police"

It may seem scary leaving the police, but rest assured there are many opportunities out there for people with the skillset of a police officer.
Retirement should be an exciting time in your life. It’s a time to think about the future and what it holds for you. It’s not scary and it’s certainly not something to be feared.

Have you thought about your CV? You’ve been in the force so long that you haven’t needed one? This is something we hear regularly, and that’s ok. We have put together a CV template to start you off. You can find it HERE. After you have written your CV we will offer any advice and guidance needed, just forward it on to This is a no strings attached agreement, you don’t have to allow us to job search for you. It’s a resource we offer to give back to such a valuable sector of our community.

You may not be the type of person who likes to shout their achievements from the rooftop, but your CV is a place where you need to point these out. Skills that you may think come as standard in the force, are not known to everyone. You need to sit down and look at yourself through somebody else’s eyes, somebody outside of the police that may not know what skills are associated with being in the force. You need to sell yourself and to do this you have to be your own number 1 fan, even if this is out of character for you. Look at your skills and achievements and explain how they would translate in the civilian world.

If we could give you one top tip, it’s NETWORKING! Connect with people on LinkedIn, go to the pre-retirement seminars and police focused expo’s in your area. Chat with officers who have already retired and find out about their experience and the routes they decided to take, join Facebook groups and talk to old colleagues. There is no better opinion than those who have been in your situation and have experienced life after retirement themselves.

Our director Andy Smith regularly holds breakfast/lunch workshops with individuals who have retired or are due to retire. In the sessions, Andy will guide you through the retirement process and answer any questions you may have. Andy is a former Detective Superintendent. He served with Cheshire Constabulary for over 25 years. He headed the force’s major investigation team for over 2 years and was an accredited PiP3 and K&E SIO, therefore he likes to spread his knowledge of retirement from the force and help people who need it, candidates or not. Andy also attends pre-retirement seminars to talk about the type of roles that we receive and also offers CV advice and guidance to all attendee’s. All forces offer a ‘retirement’ seminar, although their layout/schedules may differ they will offer advice on several things you may encounter after leaving. These are very useful and sometimes can be 1-2 years before you’re due to retire. This gives you plenty of time to prepare yourself. If you would like to know more about attending one of Andy’s breakfast/dinner workshops or attending a seminar that he will be at, please email us

The earlier you begin thinking about what you want to do with the next chapter of your life, the better. You can then plan out how you will tackle this, do you need training? Have you spoken to people in similar positions? Have you found out what is required of a post holder in this role? Be prepared for your future and it won’t scare you. This will ensure that you can breeze into retirement with no worries about the future.

Peel Solutions are a Law Enforcement training and recruiting agency based in the North West (covering the whole of the UK). We offer training such as Train a trainer, Modern Slavery, CPIA (Disclosure) and much more. We have a whole variety of job vacancies and we are very candidate focused. Your needs come first. We will always be honest, efficient and do our best to find a role that best suits you. If you would like our help in finding a role please upload your CV here, or email it over to You can also email/call (01925 377 878) us if you would like general advice about retirement/life after the force.
We wish you the best of luck on your journey, although it may seem daunting to begin with you will tackle it, no doubt.