The Cheshire Anti-Slavery Network was established in December 2014 and consists of a range of statutory agencies including Cheshire Police Service, Adult Safeguarding, NHS, DWP, GLA and the UKHTC. Partners within the network work together, seeking to make Cheshire resilient and hostile to slavery. The Network is still in a developmental stage and is now actively working on Phase Two to identify and link with those non statutory organisations including NGO’s who may encounter trafficking in the course of their work. Phase Three will identify relevant organisations from the business community.


The Network seeks to facilitate the development of knowledge, information, data and skills across member agencies and enable the sharing of good practice. It also facilitates the development of a pro-active and co-ordinated Pan-Cheshire response to the threat of modern day slavery.  The partnership is victim focussed and aims to increase the number of victims rescued in the Cheshire area and ensuring that aftercare is inline with recognised national guidance. The work of the partnership aims to make a significant contribution to the fight against modern slavery locally, nationally and internationally.