Introducing our new Head of Marketing, Nina Walker


Image of Nina Walker stood infront of a Peel Solutions sign

Our team is growing again. What better way to start a new year than further growth within the company?

From the start, Peel has seen continuous development and looking back at the end of each year it is evident that we’re a well-oiled machine that gets the job done! Let’s continue this trend and make 2018 one for the records!
All hands on deck, and let’s get it done!

Meet Nina Walker, our new Head of Marketing! Nina has a vast array of experience in many aspects of marketing with an impressive assortment of brands. This has resulted in a knowledge of just what works and what doesn’t and an expertise in brand values.

Nina said “I am very excited to join the team, get the ball rolling and help take the brand to its inevitable next level! I feel welcomed and see pride amongst fellow members of staff which has obviously resulted in massive success! Peel should already be proud, but you can never be too proud! Onwards and upwards!”

If you would like to speak to Nina, introduce yourself and get chatting away about Marketing Opportunities for Peel Solutions. Email,