We realised we don’t shout about our business wins enough – our team spends a lot of time exploring new options to bring new opportunities to our candidates and this needs to be highlighted more!

So with that being said – we have just WON a direct supply to another UK police force.
We are over the moon that this client understands the value of quality of service and competitive price over the lowest price.

The cost of recruitment for your business is not just the margins you pay to your recruiters and agency fees; it is much deeper than this. Recruitment impacts every component of your business’s productivity and overall performance. If the agency you use doesn’t recruit effectively then the hire could cost you double the salary at the end. You can drive down costs by using a partner that concentrates on service delivery. This includes hire time; management demands and attribution. The most cost-effective partner is not always the cheapest.

Many in the recruitment sector are undercutting prices in hopes of winning a contract. These prices aren’t realistic for the time and tools they will need to place the best candidates in these roles. Cutting costs by ridiculous amounts no doubt means cutting corners. The areas that will suffer are service, time and morale. Three of the most important factors in most businesses. These are not easy roles to fill, they are highly skilled roles. Investigators, Disclosure officers, Analysts etc…

That’s why this contract really is a WIN for us! We can’t name our new partnership just yet but keep your eyes PEELED πŸ‘€ and it will soon become apparent. This client has chosen our many years of expertise in law enforcement and recruitment. Please remember it’s not the lowest price that provides the best candidates but the experience, motivation and industry knowledge.

If you are recruiting for a police force or are in the private sector wanting to recruit some of the most trustworthy, hardworking and skilled people around, get in touch with us, we would be happy to help.

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