At Peel Solutions we recruit individuals for roles in specialist areas. It is because of the specialist nature of the roles that we recruit for that it is crucial to really understand each vacancy and each individual candidate. When it comes to finding the right person for the job experience has taught us that communication is the key.

We like to think that communicating with prospective candidates is something we do well but to ensure we maintain and improve our standards and services we carry out regular surveys to measure levels of satisfaction.

We’re thrilled to report that our most recent survey results were extremely positive. With 100{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0} satisfaction in all areas and 98{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0} of our recent candidates stating they would be likely to recommend us to others.

Peel Solutions Infographic

Not only were the answers to our questions really positive but we also received some lovely comments from individuals about our service and professionalism. At Peel we really do enjoy what we do and finding new roles for people who are looking for a new opportunity always brings job satisfaction. Of course, It is always lovely though to hear positive feedback and praise for the service we work so hard to deliver.

Here is a selection of some of the comments.

“Engaging professional staff with a working knowledge of the roles they recruit for, I would and have highly recommended them!”

“First class service provided by my contact. I hope to be employed using Peel Solutions shortly, following a successful interview.”

“Peel Solutions are an open, transparent and honest company who fairly represent their client’s interests. I would highly recommend them.”

“Unlike other recruitment companies Peel Solutions reply to your emails or phone you back almost straightaway. They have never failed to pay the monies earned in to my account on time. They also do not try to make round pegs fit into square holes, they make sue the job suits the applicant and the applicant suits the job.”

If you’d like to read all of the survey questions and responses please see below:

How knowledgeable did you find Peel Solutions?

Extremely knowledgeable – 75.61{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very knowledgeable – 24.39{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How clearly did your contact explain the details of the advertised role to you?

Extremely clearly – 78.05{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very clearly – 21.95{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How clearly did Peel Solutions explain the recruiting process to you?

Extremely clear – 73.17{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very clearly – 26.83{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How satisfied are you with Peel Solutions’ response to your emails and phone calls?

Extremely satisfied – 78.05{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very satisfied – 17.07{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Satisfied – 4.88{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How satisfied are you with the ability of Peel Solutions to find the right role for you?

Extremely satisfied – 56.10{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very satisfied – 29.27{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Satisfied – 14.63{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Overall were you satisfied with the service delivered by Peel Solutions?

Extremely satisfied – 78.05{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very satisfied – 19.51{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Satisfied – 2.44{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How satisfied are you with ongoing contact with Peel Solutions?

Extremely satisfied – 62.50{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very satisfied – 27.50{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Satisfied – 10{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How professional have you found Peel Solutions to be?

Extremely professional – 78.05{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very professional – 19.51{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Professional – 2.44{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

How likely would you be to recommend Peel Solutions?

Extremely likely – 82.93{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Very likely – 12.20{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}

Likely – 2.44{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0}