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The IT Skills Gap is an ongoing concern for CIO’s, particularly in the search for Cyber Security Talent. Complex and ever-evolving threats, from the rise in Ransomware to the emergence of Billions of BYOD and IoT Devices, mean the risks and staffing needs are always growing and changing.

More than half of organisations have suffered a cyber breach in the last 12 months and an overwhelming 82{2f5840df7cad5cef8516045bf5c83cf9550de338e8e836c189eefa8f44836af0} were expecting an increase in their budget specific to security to tackle the cyber threat. With other research suggesting a shortage of Cyber Security Skills, with some estimating a 1.8 million shortfall in skilled Cyber Security Professionals worldwide by 2022.

Working predominantly within the Law enforcement sector, we are uniquely placed to assist both public and private sector businesses. We will attract the best Cyber and Information security specialists for your organisation.

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