“Why should I use a recruitment agency when there are so many people looking for work?”

Although the volume of applicants may have increased, unfortunately this does not mean that you are attracting the RIGHT candidates. Quality over quantity is so important, especially in skill-based roles.

It’s great to have a lot of people applying but do you really have the time to sieve through all those CV’s sat on your desk or in your inbox? Do you have the time to be away from your normal workload? What if none of the candidates meet your requirements? It’s back to square one.

There are many ways a recruitment agency can help make your job easier and here’s just a few:

Database of candidates with specialised skills
Agencies spend time building connections with candidates and have direct communication lines with those who have the skills you’re looking for. Some of the candidates may not even be looking for work but the relationship with the agency and the perfect job vacancy may attract them.

Can deal with hard to fill roles
Building those all-important relationships with candidates is what sets recruiters apart from the rest. Recruiters can build up databases of people with the skills that you are struggling to find. Specialist recruiters will also know where to look and what other skills are transferable for that role.

Skilled at finding the right candidates with little help
For recruiter’s recruitment is their full-time job. A good recruiter is able to get on with their job in finding the best candidate for the role and company whilst you get on at what you’re best at. A quick chat, a description of the skills that you’re looking for and salary would suffice.

Can help with Quick hires
You shouldn’t have to settle for less than the perfect candidate for your business just because it’s short notice, agencies are skilled at working quickly under pressure to fill high quantity and high skilled roles.

Knows the warning signs of a bad hire/incorrect fit for the company
Recruiters have a special skill of sensing when a candidate would be a bad fit for a company and we wouldn’t waste our time, your time or theirs.

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